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MAW introduces the ‘combat flight simmer’ to lots of different aircraft which were operated by twenty different air arms. A contemporary of the MS, the MB lost the initial competition; the initial prototype couldn’t get off the ground! Designed in response to a requirement for a heavy fighter, the Br series found its niche as an assault aircraft. Naturally more buildings and ground installations would be nice. If you are inspired by MAW to build new things for it, please contact us.

Nom: maw cfs3
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Système d’exploitation: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
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Ces mods sont réalisés par des amateurs: The majority of Italians reject Fascism and join with the Allies. Tired of hearing your wingmen answer in English and German? If MAW inspires you to build things for it go right ahead, we can always use some help in this ongoing project. Bonsoir, Je suis un nouveau membre, et je suis honoré de faire partie de votre communauté. Developed in parallel with the JuB, this plucky biplane served the Luftwaffe in dive-bombing roles up until – notably against the Soviet Union.

Le Quartier Général Benzo. Mediterranean Air War De tous genres. Au printemps, je vais quelquefois mwa à la lisière d’un champ fleuri. Lorsqu’une belle jeune fille m’apporte une coupe de vinje ne pense guère à mon salut.

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Si j’avais cette préoccupation, je vaudrais moins qu’un chien. Tu en es sur? Une fois DL, on peut même pas en faire une copie sur DVD à ce compte Pourtant ce mod à l’air interessant, il y a pleins de chouettes cfx3 italiens on dirait.

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L’emmerdant, c’est tout ce qui se passe avant. Il faudrait toucher sa prime d’engagement et défiler tout de suite. It will be made available to the public in three chapters with maa release of Chapter One.

MAW will feature over a hundred new aircraft with new flight dynamics modelling, new damage modelling, new scenery, new vehicles, new ships, new buildings, new villages, new weather conditions, new visual effects, new sound effects, new armies, new sightseeing goals etc. MAW has life in it. Life, in many forms, like seagulls flying around the harbour sides, cows, sheep and pigs dotted around farm jaw with farm houses that have smoke curling up from their chimneys. There are camel trains with their Bedouin fcs3 meandering across desert dunes.

There is traffic on the roads – cars, trucks, military vehicles, cyclists, even horses and donkeys pulling carts and wagons on the roads.

maw cfs3

Cffs3 the airfields, camouflage nets, working sirens, hangars, workshops, control towers, dispersal bays, aircraft blast pens, anti-aircraft gun positions, personnel tents. You might be assailed by blistering desert sand storms, you will be awed by spectacular sunrises and sunsets, the new kinds of clouds, realistic water and horizons. You will end up with two separate versions of CFS3 on your hard drive.


The original Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 3.

maw cfs3

The coastlines are geographically more accurate than any other flight simulator. Important historical locations such as the Pyramids and Sphinx, Acropolis, Suez Canal, even ma volcanoes appear in this brand new combat flight simulator ‘world’. The battlefields of Bardia, Tobruk, El Alamein to name a few are modelled with authentic detail right down to the barbed wire entanglements and individual trenches, machine gun pits, pillboxes and artillery cffs3.

Not just in the more spectacular area of explosions, fire and smoke. Naturally, these things have been improved upon but with an eye to realism more than pure ‘flash’. IID as real pilots did back in the early s isn’t bad if you like a few ‘fireworks. Our visual effects specialists have worked on the more mundane but important things to give the MAW environment a truly realistic feel. Splashes in the water, bow waves and wake waves for boats and ships have been greatly improved on – they get mzw or smaller depending on the ship’s speed.

Not only have things like flack and AA fire had their visual look improved, our FX specialists have been able to make adjustments so that these effects will have less impact on frame rates than they did in the original Cfx3.

You will notice dust being kicked up by animals, people, vehicles and aircraft, tyre and caterpillar tracks left in the sand. All these little details enhance the overall feel of the North African desert. Huge dust storms were an important feature in this part of the world and now virtual pilots will sometimes have to contend with dust storms just like the real airmen did.

These highly detailed, original, new models will give bomber enthusiasts plenty to play around with. MAW introduces the ‘combat flight cfw3 to lots of different aircraft which were operated by twenty different air arms.

Unlike all the other amw combat flight simulators of the past, MAW is built by people interested in the historical aspects of air combat in the Second World War.

We have read our history books and take notice of them! MAW is not just the standard collection of Spitfires, Messerschmitts and Mustangs fighting the same battles over the same landscapes. You will feel you are playing around with something different and far more realistic than the commercial combat cts3 simulators of the past. MAW comes with many items never before seen in flight simulators in terms of buildings, infrastructure, vehicles and combat facilities.


The opposing naval fleets operating cf3s the Mediterranean Sea are well represented. Some of the ships, submarines and torpedo boats are ‘drivable’ so you can get a sailor’s point of view of the action. The aircraft list so far contains more than aircraft types and variants, most of them brand new and the majority being player flyable. Only a few of the less important types will be AI only.

For the time being! They have developed a completely new version of their Flight Dynamics modelling software especially for the MAW project aircraft. They also provide a first for a Microsoft flight model: All the damage modelling has been improved upon as well. All the ‘skins’ on MAW aircraft will have high quality paintjobs that have been well researched, look historically accurate and very realistic.

They will come in high and low resolution formats so that those with lower end computers can choose which textures they prefer to use if they are worrying dfs3 loading times and frame rates. When you get MAW on your hard drive you can modify it and add to it as you please.

If MAW inspires you to build things for it go right ahead, we can always use some help in this ongoing project. We prefer you to keep it historical though! If you are inspired by MAW to build new things for it, please contact us. There are a few aircraft types we have not been able to produce at all yet or only appear in AI form.

Naturally more buildings and ground installations would be nice. What we have done is pretty good but there is always room for improvement.

In Chapter One you’ll get involved in the early biplane clashes between Italy and Britain, you will invade or defend Greece and Crete, you will either attack or defend the island fortress of Malta and you will support the 8th Army or the Italian Army and Afrika Korps in their clashes, back and forth across the Western Desert.

Huge armoured battles will mw place below you on the desert floor as you zoom over in your Fiat, Messerschmitt or Tomahawk looking for action. It finishes at the time that the invasion of Italy begins. The majority of Italians reject Fascism and join with the Allies. Some Italian Nationalists continue fighting in support of Third Reich. Board index All times are UTC.